online publications

As an intern for Entertainment Weekly, my byline appeared in both the print edition of the magazine and online. I had the opportunity to write entertainment news, book reviews, and conduct interviews. 

"Missy Elliot picks Morgan Freeman over Peter Dinklage in Super Bowl ad rap battle", January 2018

"Truly Devious marks a great start to a new series", January 2018

During the summer of 2016, I was an intern for X-Factor Films and wrote for their blog (pre-launch and rebrand to Blue Fever). I was also fortunate at Emerson College to write a regular column called Carr on Culture (Feb 2015-April 2016), which discussed the intersections of feminism, media and culture. Reproductions of those posts are below.

"Where are all the lady superheroes?", June 2016 - X Factor Films

"Carr on Culture: Minority bias on and offscreen", April 2016 - The Berkeley Beacon 

comedy & pop culture writing

At Emerson College I took courses in television writing and accumulated a portfolio of works, both original and spec scripts. 

"Ms. Parker's First Week", Divine Intervention, 2016 - original pilot
Finalist for the 2017 Set in Philadelphia screenwriting competition

"I Killed Josh's Friend!", Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 2016 - spec script

"Jake Peralta, Babysitter", Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2015 - spec script

I have also self-published comedy and pop culture writing across the internet, including the semi viral comedy conspiracies "The Hiddleswift Conspiracy" and "Harry Styles is Dead," both of which trended on BJ Novak's List App.

"The Celebrity Overshare: Chill or Not Chill?", March 2017 - Buzzfeed Community

"The Hiddleswift Conspiracy", June 2016

"Am I Becoming My Mother?", March 2016 -

"Proof Harry Styles is Dead and Has Been Replaced by a Lookalike", December 2015 -


From March 2010 - March 2013 I created, promoted, and maintained the YouTube channel tinydoodlez, a song animation channel which to this day has garnered over 11 million views and 29,000 subscribers. More recently, Olivia Harvey and I have created "Drunk Pop Culture," a comedy channel to discuss and skewer pop culture topics and trends. 

"You & I", the most popular animation on tinydoodlez, currently has over 6 million views.